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Block 466 Crawford Lane #01-12 Singapore 190465
Behind Immigration and Checkpoint Authority Building, Lavender MRT (Train) Station

Spanning two generations, our stall have used nutritious and fresh
ingredients to prepare our special Pork Noodles.
For 60 years, our Pork Noodles has received favourable write-ups
from the major newspapers.





Quote from Wine & Dine:
"For a few dollars, you get a good portion of springy mee kia or mee pok
(thin or broad noodles) noodles tossed with a punchy soy and black
vinegar sauce ( tip: ask for extra vinegar) and topped with a
selection of the best parts of the pig. These include lean minced pork,
tender, snowy white pork slices, wonton, bouncy pork balls,
and slices of pork liver. A garnish of crisp-fried dried fish and a bowl
of soup made rich and potent with pork bones complete the dish."

Quote from HungryGoWhere:

"This is my favourite BCM, in fact, it is the BEST in Singapore...
For good food, you will not mind waiting. The queue stretches a the way out of
the coffee shop! It will be at least a good 30minutes. "
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